Happy Birthday SheSaysMCR

That’s right, it's been a year, 6 events done and SheSaysMCR is celebrating its first birthday! Woohoo :)

We celebrated our first birthday with our sixth event: It’s All Good, and what better place to host it than SpacePortX’s rooftop garden! Lovely. Focussing on social impact and social change, the SheSaysMCR team brought together Tamsin ChislettRebecca Rae and Lauren Currie to talk about their stories and how they try and make a difference.

First up to the bill was Tamsin, currently working at ClearlySoTamsin was telling us the story of how she got there. Taking us on a trip to Uganda, Tamsin explained the importance of social impact projects across the world, and how small innovations that happen in the UK can have a huge impact thousands of miles away.

It was amazing to hear Tamsin’s story and how she was making a difference in Ugandan communities, by offering support and listening to the people around her. The “Uber-like” model of care changed the lives of everyday people and it was inspiring to hear how it happened.

Next to the stage was Rebecca, one of Reason Digital’s superstars. An amazing speaker, Rebecca shared one of her best pieces of advice: why it’s good to be angry. Rebecca gave us a whirlwind tour of why being angry leads to great innovation and how we can really make a change by getting annoyed at things.

Rebecca had an amazing impact on the crowd, making everyone both laugh and feel frustrated at the status quo. One of the biggest takeaways was to not just accept things the way they are, know that by wanting to make a change, you can make a change. All it takes is a little frustration, an idea and boom - you’re changing the world.

Last but not least, Lauren was telling her story, from Glasgow to Sweden and finally how she landed here in Manchester. She spoke about her adventure with Snook and why her passion for Scotland made her and her business partner want to evoke change in their hometown.

Lauren highlighted some amazing projects that she and her team and had been involved with, from CycleHack and it’s viral “Put A Penny In Yo’ Pants” campaign to a project to inform people about how much sugar they’re eating. She pumped everyone up by explaining how collaboration and design thinking can really help to change the world, and together we can make a social impact on something that we’re passionate about.

[vimeo 98808131 w=500 h=281]

Penny In Yo' Pants: The Prototype from Penny in Yo' Pants on Vimeo.

It was a great event, with a fantastic lineup and definitely the best way to celebrate SheSaysMCR’s first birthday - none of which would have been possible without the help of ByteMark and the support of #therooftopproject.