Why is Service Design Important?

Service Design is becoming more and more important in everyday life. Companies the world over are using Service Design principles to differentiate their business, services and products from those around them. Being an estate agent, coffee shop or agency is no longer relevant. The ease of your services, how you interact with your customers, clients and audience, is how you can improve your overall strategy, work ethic and culture.

Service Design And Evolution

The world around us is constantly evolving. People’s attitudes to work and play have changed and it’s time that companies and businesses change with them. The every day user expects more from their services and service providers and that is why Service Design is important. Understanding how your user’s perspective has changed and how they are interacting with your service, is your key to success. Service Design is the platform for this understanding, enabling you to mould your service around the exact people who will be using it.

Customers and service users expectations have evolved and continue to evolve constantly. As tech simplifies the processes of using services, people have become more impatient to the way services need to be designed. It’s more important now than ever, that services are streamlined to cater to customer’s need to fast, easy to use services that don’t disrupt their journey (or if their journey is disrupted there needs to be amazing customer service).

Service Design And Understanding

Service Design provides a way for businesses to understand their audience, through customer journey maps and persona identification. Service

Design helps marketing managers, CEO’s and more to identify their customer’s touch points with their service, analyse where there are points of contention and truly understand how they can make their service better. There are always various points of interaction between a service user and a service, understanding the emotions attached to these interactions is what makes or breaks the service. Service Design allows the management team to critically evaluate how the service needs to be evolved, designed and created.

Service Designing is a continuous process that seeks to iterate a service until it is fully optimised to meet service users needs. There is no be all and end all of Service Design, it is more important to understand how to implement Service Design techniques so that a service can maintain it’s effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, in a way that will continually meet a customer’s needs. Service Designs enables Businesses to reassess how they’re distributing their services all the time, in order to better their performances. It’s not a one off analysis but a continual analysis of testing and understanding.

Service Design And Social Media

Furthermore, in a world where social media is at the fingertips of every service user and customer, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that you’re at the top of your game. Customers quickly jump on social media when things go wrong. Make one wrong move as a service provider and you’ll see your customers tweeting and posting about your poor customer service, the queue you made them wait in or simply your response time could be the cause of you social media death.

Service Design is an outlet that can alleviate these problems. It shows you how to avoid aggravating your audience, so that you can get all of the social media praise you so rightly deserve. Service Design gives you a way to get to the route of the problem that your service is trying to resolve. It’s as clear as day why Service Design is important; it empowers a company to provide a service that their customers really need.

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