2 thoughts on “#ALSIceBucketChallenge

  1. I’ve also noticed that different charities are getting in on it, and some people just seem to be using it for publicity for themselves.

    However, there’s definitely been an increase in awareness… and donations too!

    I can’t help but think a bit of internationalisation would have been handy? I can’t be the only one who had to look it up before I realised it was Motor Neurone Disease. Unsure if everyone in the UK calls it that, or just me though?

  2. Yay for awareness and donations! I agree, but I don’t think anyone realised how viral it would go – ALS is definitely the US term.

    It’s great that other charities are using it too – except it only dilutes the pool further, I just hope people remember it is for charity and not just for show, sadly I think the latter is taking place. It’ll be interesting to see how this sparks future campaigns!

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