Aim: To design an internal NHS web platform to improve staff health

The Problem

One of Manchester’s leading Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) implemented an innovative way of empowering NHS staff and patients in hospitals to take their health into their own hands.

The Kiosk For Life was a real-life solution that informed service users of their heart age, their BMI and what age their health represents.

What the Kiosk For Life initiative didn’t take into consideration, was how NHS staff would continue their journey after their assessment, and, furthermore, how they could ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle.

The Solution

We designed a workshop to assess what NHS staff needed from the online portal. What functionality was necessary to maximize a change in lifestyle and how to efficiently and effectively have an all-round service that supported their online journey.

The 3-hour workshop began by creating an open and safe culture for the NHS staff to give honest feedback and the session then followed the double diamond methodology along with the following tools:


We kicked off the problem discovery by understanding the staff’s current emotional response to the journey so far – how they responded to the Kiosk, what they did with their information and where they wanted to go from there.


We understood that current online health management platforms already existed internally for NHS Staff and we used this as the foundation for a service user journey map. We focussed on key user touchpoint and platform infrastructure. 


Next, the participants were split into groups and asked to develop NHS staff personas. Each group built their own personas, looking at their lifestyle, family, status, age and everything in between.

The personas were mapped onto the service user journey, to understand the needs, emotions and cause and effect of different service users and how their lifestyles needed to be taken into consideration for the development of the platform


With the persons and service user journey mapped out. The group took a step back to see how we could pick out key points of frustration and find an innovative solution to meet the brief and optimise the user journey.

The Delivery

As the facilitators and workshop designers, it was our job to digest the workshop outcomes and deliver a report that made suggestions to the NHS about what the platform needed to be a user based service.

The report included detailed wireframes of each page and section of the website.

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