Design challenge: Design an app that meets user needs to help them better manage their diabetes

The Problem

Gendius are a MedTech startup currently developing their Intellin platform- an app with artificial intelligence to help diabetics better manage their condition and improve their outcomes. We worked with Gendius to bring a qualitative research approach to support their data and clinical research studies.

Gendius had a team of developers and scientific research, but lacked the skills and capability to bring user stories into their narrative to ensure that they were building a product and service that truly met their user needs.

The Solution

We ran several design thinking workshops to challenge the teams assumptions and to help their developers to empathise with their users. Two stages of interviews with 10 millennial diabetics identified insights around user needs, challenges and aspirations.

We tested new features and experiences with UX and paper prototypes and recommended further changes.

The outcome was a more human-centred app that’s easier to use and navigate with features and experiences that help diabetics with their routine, accountability, motivation and research.

The Process


Before working with diabetics, we needed to understand the business. We worked with the Gendius founders to map out their business model, using lean and agile methodologies. We needed to know the aims and ambition of the startup, get a deeper understanding of their business model and grasp all of the research they’d done to date.


Once we knew the business ambition, we could work with potential users to better empathise with their struggles with diabetes. We needed to know both the how and why, of all of their thoughts and feelings towards their condition. We didn’t just want to understand, we wanted to feel everything that they were going through.


Once we had grasped the problems that users were facing, we started to develop paper prototypes and new features for the Gendius app. This meant that we could get immediate feedback from users about what was working and not working in a way that built confidence with users that they were being listened to and that their opinions mattered.

We worked closely with a team of front and back end developers to make sure that all of our ideas were feasible and that they were working towards reaching the overall business aims.


We delivered new features and a new service to the Gendius team. We worked with their team of developers to make sure that nothing was lost in translation. In doing so we upskilled their team in agile development. We worked together with their team build a coherent sprint plan and go to market strategy for the business.

The Outcome

Gendius launched an app that had a much higher rate of success than they had previously managed. We were able to successfully marry quantitative and qualitative research that painted a rich picture for stakeholders and investors and that meant the final product ticked all of the boxes for users.

Gendius has never imagined that they would have successfully met their user needs in a way that could truly transform and change lives.

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