Aim: To help Manchester citizens understand how open data can fuel innovation to improve the city

The Problem

FutureEverything in partnership with New Economy ran a lab to help citizens understand how to use open data to innovate solutions to improve a city. FutureEverything brought service designers from the Manchester community on board to help design and facilitate the two-day lab.

The Solution

The two-day lab was split into two parts. The first day was service design-led, to help the attendees begin to understand the process of innovation. The focus was on ideation techniques and understanding current frustrations with the existing city infrastructure. The second day was data led, where attendees could get their hands on data and match it with their ideas to really see what data fueled solutions look like. As service design facilitators for the Infrastructure Lab, it was our job to use service design techniques to manage attendee expectations and to make sure that all the groups at the event were on track to reach the same goal, despite working independently. In our group, we used the ideation techniques such as the grid to aid teams in assessing the relationship between feasibility and technology. This was coupled with rapid ideation and silent brainstorming ideas, to help the participants make the most out of their time with us.

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